About Us

CauseEDU was founded in the summer of 2017 by two former classmates who had spent several years fundraising together to help students stay in school.  One of us started out funding a scholarship and the other focused on helping students crowdfund for college. We soon joined forces, raising as much as $20k per year for students needing help with tuition and fees. In our efforts, we realized traditional crowdfunding platforms just don’t provide the tailored help students need to pay for school. For instance, the sites only provide one giving option, students aren’t vetted, and the advice and “tips” they give to help students raise more really isn’t effective. So we started CauseEDU, an education funding platform designed specifically for students with features proven to increase donor giving.

Some sobering stats:

43% of college students don’t graduate in 6 years, and 2/3 of these students drop out for financial reasons. That’s almost 1/3 of students entering college who will not graduate solely because of funding. In addition, 3.9 million students leave school every year with student loan debt and no degree. Add to these numbers the students who don’t even start college (or any other post-secondary program) because of money, and we realize we have a problem: there are so many students out there who need help paying for school.

Now for the good news:

There are donors who are willing to provide support, and at CauseEDU, we show students how to best position themselves to receive it. From blog posts, podcasts and webinars to features such as recurring donations and a direct pay to school option, enrollment verification, and more, our site makes it easier for donors to give more. Our Founder/CEO has more than a decade of experience in philanthropy, alumni relations, and higher education management, and our Co-Founder/COO has more than a decade of experience in student relations and fundraising. Together, we have designed both a site and tools to help students maximize the amount of money they raise for school.

We have more features coming soon.  Stay tuned!


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