Melanie Miller Biology (STEM) Undergraduate Studies at UCLA

HI! I'm Melanie, more affectionately known as Mel, and I am a biology major attending the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the Fall of 2018. Currently, I attend Cedar Hill Collegiate High School, an early college high school whereby I will receive my Associates Degree in Science as well as my high school diploma in May of 2018.

My post undergraduate plans include attending medical school in order to pursue a career as an obstetrician and gynecologist specializing in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. I chose to be an OB/GYN and infertility specialist when I noticed that there were many women in my family who were plagued with reproductive issues and concerns that ultimately resulted in the majority of women in my family having to have hysterectomies at a very early age- in some cases thirty to forty years old. I honestly began to think about if I was witnessing something that could possibly be in the near future for my sisters and I. I felt the need to research about reproductive systems and the rights women have surrounding that topic. I wondered if there were disparities that not just women, but black women in particular because that is what I was surrounded by, had in reproductive and health care rights because no one was asking questions. My goal is to take what I have learned and not only educate my community, but transform my community with this information.  It’s extremely important to me to become developed wholly as an individual to benefit my community, and there is no doubt that an education at UCLA will allow me to flourish in my entirety as a productive citizen and prospective physician.

Because I currently reside in Dallas, Texas, UCLA will cost about $62,000 per year because of out of state fees. For this reason, I am enlisting in the help of anyone who is willing to support and invest in my education and future as a physician and medical researcher. Please feel more than free to reach out to me via, Facebook, or Twitter to learn more about me 🙂

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Hello ! I'm Melanie from Dallas, Texas and I will be attending UCLA in the Fall of 2018 as a biology major. I will be pursuing a career an OB/GYN and infertility specialist, as well as a medical researcher. Out of State fees make UCLA extremely expensive, so I am enlisting in the help of anyone who is willing to support and invest in my future career and educational goals.
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